CELIA Services Á Facilities

The Village

At the center of Celia is its beating heart, The Village, a mixed-use vibrant zone, consolidating entertainment, commercial and retail hub featuring high-end international designer brand names, top-tier eateries and dining venues, as well as engaging family activities and entertainment venues.

Smart Home System

Whilst Celia’s consistent focus is on quality and luxury, we understand that with prices rising, costs of living may be a burden. Our Smart Home System ensures that 70 percent of operating costs, which include electricity and water, are cut down on a monthly basis. Our focus on efficiency is matched by our utilisation of technology, meaning our homes are equipped with “one click” control. Lighting which works with the aid of motion sensors, climate control and intelligent security systems are just a few of the IT treats our residents can experience daily.

Accessibility & Security

Celia is accessible from 5 highly secured main gates. Encircling the project is a landscaped buffer area enclosed within walls that ensure security and exclusivity. Celia is equipped with state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring for additional security, as well as a key-card system for residents’ access.

Luxurious Services & Modern Amenities

There are two Neighborhood Service Centers, one on the west side catering to villa residents, and one on the east side catering to apartment residents. Surrounding The Village, residents are spoilt for choice with a plethora of amenities provided, including two nurseries, three mosques and two high end entertainment centers. Moreover, Celia boasts an impressive sports club, medical centers, clinics and a school.

Sustainable Living

With the rise in awareness of global environmental issues and climate change, sustainability is at the core of our values, a notion which is championed by our Celia community. Celia integrates Green Urbanism in all aspects of living, a strategy that employs the latest innovative research in passive and active sustainability systems. The cutting-edge technology implemented will provide clean energy alternatives and water/waste reduction methods, creating a more environmentally and economically sustainable community for a better now and a better tomorrow.